La convention

Affiche Convention LoveCon'
❥ “I love girls the way that I'm supposed to feel about boys” [Santana - Glee] ❥ “You're my always" [Willow - Buffy] ❥ “She is my everything" [Tara - Buffy] ❥ “I was there for Alex. She was what I paid attention to…everything else was just background.” [Piper - OITNB] ❥ “The thing about Marina is that when she focuses on you, you feel like you’re the only one that exists.” [Francesca - The L Word] ❥ “When I'm with you, I feel like I'm a better person. I feel happier. Less alone. Less lonely.” [Naomi - Skins] ❥ “You are a piece of work, but you're my piece of work” [Lena - The Fosters] ❥ "Attack her and you attack me" [Lexa - The 100] ❥ “ My sexuality is not the most interesting thing about me.” [Cosima - Orphan Black] ❥ “ Today, I march to remember that I'm not just a me. I'm also a we. And we march with pride. ” [Nomi - Sense8] ❥ “COURAGE” [Klaine - Glee] ❥ “Maybe I don't feel like sharing you right now.” [Carmilla -Carmilla] ❥ “Why does everyone go around labeling people?” [Jude - The Fosters] ❥ “I finally understand what people are talking about when they talk about love” [Santana - Glee] ❥ “I can't fix this. I like girls, no I like a girl. No, I love her, okay?” [Emily - Skins] ❥ “I told them I met a woman I can't live without” [Stef - The Fosters] ❥ “ Love is just like art: a force that comes into our lives without any rules, expectations or limitations.” [Hernando - Sense8] ❥ “Maybe life should be about more than just surviving” [Clarke - The 100] ❥ “Even when I’m at my worst, you always make me feel special.” [Tara - Buffy] ❥ “ Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn then just be a unicorn” [Brittany - Glee] ❥ “ DNA doesn’t make a family, love does.” [Lena - The Fosters] ❥ “And I was so scared of the way I felt, you know, loving a girl.” [Naomi Skins] ❥ “In the end, we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts.” [Hernando - Sense8]

La convention vous permet de rencontrer des actrices/acteurs de séries/films ayant incarné ou incarnant des rôles LGBT+ ou soutenant la communauté. 
Les journées se déroulent avec des conférences questions-réponses entre les acteurs et les fans; séances photoshoots; séances autographes; meetings (rencontre avec un acteur en petit groupe); animations-jeux... 
C'est l'occasion de rencontrer d'autres passionnés de séries ou films et de vivre des moments inoubliables en compagnie de vos acteurs préférés.
La convention n'est accessible qu'aux détenteurs de pass, les tickets accès 1 jour ou 2 jours achetés pour la partie salon ne donnent pas accès à la partie convention, tous les détenteurs de pass pourront accéder à la partie salon.