● What's the difference between the fair and the convention?
A fair entirely dedicated to the LGBT+ representation in TV shows, movies, books as well as LGBT+ rights in France and around the world. 
Shops, guests speakers, informational pamphlets, charity stands, and activities with several guests involved in the community: actors, authors and public figures.
A multi-universe convention which will host actors involved in the LGBT+ community, through their characters on screen or perhaps themselves. Panels, autographs sessions, photo ops, and private meetings will be available!

● What's the difference between the fair and the convention?
 The fair offers a space with exhibitors, speakers, animations and other activities..
The convention allows you to meet exclusive guests in a more intimate atmosphere and spend unforgettable moments

● Where can we find information on the venue? 
Everything there is to know on the venue is on this page, access, hotels and nearby restaurants. 

● What is the event schedule?
The approximate times of the salon and the convention part are 9h - 20

 ● Do minors have access to the event? 
Parents will need to sign a discharge for children under 18.
Children under 13 won’t be allowed unless their parents filled out the discharge and they are escorted.

● Who are the guests and when are they announced?
Please refer to our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to know more about our guests in real time. 
Guests are also announced on our website.

● What is a ticket/pass?
That’s the ticket that will grant you the access to the event, for a day or two. “Tickets” give access to the salon, whereas the “pass” allows you to access the convention. Both are for sale in the ticket shop. 

● What's an "extra"?
It's an activity that you can add to your ticket/pass (a photoshoot, an autograph ..). The extras are available in the ticket shop, when we announce a new guest.
Be careful, before buying an extra: you must have purchased a ticket (ticket or pass depending on the part concerned).

● What do I need to access the event?
- To access the fair you will need to present your printed e-ticket, an ID and the parental discharge printed and filled if you are a minor. A security bracelet + a badge will be given to you.
- To access the convention you will need to present your printed nominative ticket, an ID and the parental discharge printed and filled if you are a minor. A nominative badge, a security bracelet and a pocket will be given to you. 

● Can I return to the event once I leave?
Yes, you must present the bracelet on your wrist (delivered on arrival) + your badge. Your ID and printed ticket may be required.

● Is there an accompanying ticket / pass at a reduced rate?
Each person wishing to access the event must have a ticket / pass (excluding medical proof requiring an escort - in this case thank you to write an email to contact@lovecon.fr). 

● Where can I meet people going to the LoveCon?
Our forum dedicated to the event and social networks are the best place. A Facebook group has been created *, this is an opportunity to discuss with other participants about the fair, the convention or find information on practical issues; also via Twitter with the hashtag #LoveCon 

● Tickets/pass will be available for purchase on site? and extras?
Yes, depending on the stock and an additional charge of 5€ for fair access tickets. Extras will also be available on site, depending on the stock.




● What are the payment methods?  
The ticket shop of the salon offers a payment by credit card.
The ticket shop of the convention offers a payment by credit card, by check or by bank transfer. 

● Is it possible to pay in several times? 
Only for a purchase concerning the convention part and for an amount superior to 150€ 
Find the information corresponding to a payment in several times on this page.

● Where and when will I receive my ticket to print?
- For a purchase on the ticket shop of the fair, you will receive it by email within minutes of the reception of your payment.
- For a purchase on the ticket shop of the convention, you will receive your nominative ticket (to print) by email under 20 days following the total reception of your payment. This printed ticket will be enough on the day of the convention to recover the purchased extras. 

● Can I buy for someone else?
Yes. The surname and first name will be requested at the time of purchase. Note that for the convention the badges will be nominative.

● Can I upgrade* my ticket/pass?  *change for a ticket / pass at a higher rate
Yes, within the limits of available stocks. 
In this case, please write us an email; then you will receive a code to enter during your order to deduct the amount of the first ticket/pass purchased. 

● Is it possible to change the day of my ticket/pass (Saturday / Sunday)?
Yes, within the limits of available stocks and until the closing of the ticket office. In this case, please write us an email.

● I have a promotion code, what are the conditions to use it?
Promotion codes cannot be combined with one another.
A promotion code can be used only on the category indicated during the transmission of the code, as well as until the indicated date. If you are missing information, you can contact us by email. 

● Can I ask for a refund?
For the convention, it is possible to request a refund within 14 days after your purchase, after this time refunds are not possible. Resales or name changes are not allowed.

● If the guest for who I'm coming cancels his appearance, can I get his extras refunded? 
Yes! If a guest cancels his appearance we will let you choose between a credit or a refund. 



●Why do I have to create an account on the site before I can place an order?
It is safer and convenient that everyone has its customer area, it will allow you to view your orders and invoices. 

● My order is still waiting for treatment, I have sent my payment, how do I know if my payment has been received?
If you do not receive an email to confirm the receipt of your payment (order being processed or shipped), we have not received it. If your payment was sent more than 20 days ago, please send us an email at contact@lovecon.fr

● I'm worried because I did not receive my nominative ticket and my payment was sent, what should I do?
When your payment is received, your order is shipped and you receive your nominative ticket by email. Note that a delay of 20 days is expected (after sending your payment) before receiving your nominative ticket. If this time is exceeded thank you to write us an email contact@lovecon.fr 

● What are the conditions to benefit from current promotions on the ticket shop?

For your order to be validated, your payment must be sent within 7 daysYou can benefit from the payment in several times during the promotions.



● What's a photoshoot?
A photo of you with one or more guests taken by a professional photographer. The print on photo paper will be available during the day (as well as a digital version after the event). Extra printing possible on site.

● Is it possible to be more than one, on a photo with the guests on the photoshoot?
Yes you can be two but only for duos / trios / groups photoshoots, for simple photoshoots (with only one actor) you can also be two but everyone must have their own extra ticket, excluding special mention at the time of purchase.

● Are poses accepted on photoshoots?
 Yes except against indications on the spot. Poses that are out of line or complicated are not allowed.

● Is it possible to have digital versions of photoshoots?
 Digital JPEG versions of your photoshoots will be available for purchase in our ticket shop after the event (you will need to specify the number of your printed photo when ordering). 

● How is an autograph runned? Is it customizable?
You come in front of the guest so that he signs an autograph on your support, this is an opportunity to exchange a few words and leave with a memory. Generally the autograph is customizable, it depends on the guest; a translator will be present for guests who don't speaking French.

● What's autograph support? and what are the authorized supports?
​This is an official printed photo of the actor (usually A5 and hardbound). The authorized support are those sold on site (or included with the autograph), a neutral support (blank sheet), or an official support (magazine, DVD, poster ...). Any other support may be refused. 

● What's a meeting?
This is a private meeting with one or two guest and a small group of fans for an average of 20 minutes. It's time to ask your questions directly to the guest. A translator will be present. A souvenir group photo will be taken. 

● How are conferences organized?
The guests will be on stage, you can ask them your questions. Any questions must be approved before being asked.

● Are there translators at the event?

 Only at the convention, when the guests who do not speak French are present, every conferences are translated in french.

● What is the placement at conferences?
- For the fair part, the placement for the conferences will be free. An area with a few seats will be reserved for the participants of the convention or for the press. - For the convention part, the placement will be numbered and allocated by category of pass (VIP: zone 1 - Weekend: zone 2 - Day: zone 3) and can be according to the date of purchase of the pass. It will be possible to exchange places only with the agreement of the other participant. 

● Are gifts for guests accepted?