FAIR: Homoromance Editions

Homoromance editions

We are very happy to welcome Homoromance Editions, a French-language LGBT distribution and publishing platform founded in 2015 in the Gay Village of Montreal.

Its goal is to participate in the emergence and visibility of Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans literature in Quebec and French-speaking literature. Its mission is to promote the visibility and recognition of LGBT literature put aside by the vast majority of publishers and bookstores.

For the occasion we will receive some of their published authors but also authors "friends" of the publishing house to offer you autograph sessions or make you discover their works, some will also participate in conferences on LGBT representation in the literature.
Alexandra Mac Kargan,​ Audrey Girard De Gabbia,Tan Elbaz et Témérile La Cambre authors of gay and/or lesbian novels, published by Homoromance Edition and also Marie Benoît, Vd Prin, Sébastien Monod, S.M. Gerhard, Cendre Elven, Kaelig Lan, Tan Hegman authors of novels Lesbien and/or Gay invited by Homoromance Edition!

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