Concert: Geek Singers

Geek singers annonce
It is with pleasure that we welcome the Geek Singers during the LoveCon for a 30 minute a cappella concert on Sunday March 3rd!

Embark on board the Odyssey with the Geek Singers, a Parisian vocal group of young amateur singers, all passionate about geek universe, from Zelda to Ghibli studios, from the Lord of the Rings to Sword of Mana, via Asterix and a number countless versions of Pokémon!

Discover with them the danger of betting with the Devil, the kingdom of knights defending the honor of the thrust of their shovel, the golden lands of the Holy Triforce... We will stop at the shade of millennia trees or in some manor houses haunted by the spirits...

Put on your boots, tie your cloak, and remember: the journey is just beginning!

Guest Fair Concert

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